Wedding | Kyle + Destiny

Kyle & Destiny’s wedding in Houston Texas is by far one of my favorite weddings to date. You could feel God’s actual presence during their wedding plus the atmosphere of love & celebration from family and friends, and that’s honestly all you really need to make a perfect wedding. I love how the Pastor opened the ceremony by saying Jesus’ was first miracle happened at a wedding!

We decided on a first look since they had booked me for 6 hours, so I usually recommend a first look so that we can take care of all the formals up front since we won’t have time after the ceremony, I had Kyle waiting ahead at the park first, while Destiny was to be escorted by her brides maids to Kyle. We had the rest of the wedding party wait in their cars for us, as they wanted this to be more of an intimate moment between just the two of them and then they would join us afterwards for a 30-40 minute session with the wedding party for pictures.

For this first look, I definitely didn’t want it to feel like another check off the program, I had them take a moment to close their eyes before turning to see each other for the first time and just asked them to soak in the moment, because a wedding day can go by so fast and it’s done before you know it! I wanted to give them a moment to STOP and realize they’re about to marry the love of their life today!! It was such an emotional moment for the both of them as you can see when you scroll down.