Wedding | Mary Ann + Marlon

This wedding was pretty dear to my heart, just because it’s my first Filipino wedding in the States! So I was definitely excited to be traveling to Dallas to cover this event! As y’all know or may not, I’m originally from the Philippines and moved to Texas a couple years ago. This wedding definitely reminded me of being back home and just how much I love and appreciate my culture just how fun everyone can be, always cracking jokes, always checking if you’ve eaten or not, always saying thank you, but also the food was on point 🤤I definitely enjoyed every moment! Even while I was editing I would find myself laughing, because there was just too many funny moments!

Also, it was cold and gloomy day during their wedding, but as you can tell that did not affect their spirits! I had so much fun being a part of capturing this fun crowd!!

Their wedding was held at The Springs Event Venue in Weatherford, TX